I know before choosing any course or any institution so many things come to mind. Choosing a Digital Marketing Course is even more challenging because there many training institutions and online courses. Even in Ranchi, there is more than 10 institution that claims to provide digital marketing course in Ranchi.

Apart from this choice, a digital marketing course will change the track of your carrier. For example, let’s say you are a store manager in any store now after doing a digital marketing course you will now look for a job in digital marketing.

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So digital marketing courses change the whole aspect of your carrier.

Apart from this many questions come to mind like

Can I be a digital marketer?
I rarely know the basics of computers can I go for digital marketing course?
will I get worth in the digital marketing course in Ranchi?
digital marketing is for big cities will I get a job in Ranchi after learning digital marketing?
will I really learn something or my money will be wasted as it happened with me in last course?

And I am sure there are many other questions that come to your mind, isn’t it?

With this blog, I will try to address all your questions and I am sure this blog will clear all your confusion so make sure you read it till the last word.

So before I come to Your Questions I will share what exactly you will learn in Kalam Academy Digital Marketing Course in Ranchi. I am sure it will solve many of your questions.

Kalam Academy Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Our Whole Course is of 3 months {12 Weeks} and divided into week-wise modules. I will share week by week’s module with details.

Week 1 {Introduction To Digital Marketing}

In week one we introduce what exactly is digital marketing. I am sure you have watched many videos on YouTube about digital marketing but I can guarantee you don’t know what is digital marketing. Here are a few detailed of what you will learn in the first week.

What exactly is the Digital Marketing

Modules of Digital Marketing

Website development with WordPress

We talk about modules of digital marketing then we start website development with WordPress. Please Note

We teach website development without coding you need not to write single line of code for developing website with WordPress.

Kalam Academy

This is a little big topic and we start it in the first week

Week 2 {Graphics Designing}

Graphics are a very important part of digital marketing. The graphic says worth 1000 words.
For designing graphics we do not use heavy software like PhotoShop CoralDraw Gimp etc.
We use online tools like canva to create awesome graphics.

Using these tools you can create awesome graphics that you can use in social media or for print propose with no previous experience in designing.

Why online tools why not Photoshop?

As a digital marketer you must know how you to use tools to solve your problem without going in depth of technology .

Vikash Mishra

Here are details of Graphic Designing that you will learn in our digital marketing course

Logo Designing

Banner Designing

FB/IG Post Designing

YouTube Thumbnail

MEME Designing

At the end of this, we give you the assignment of designing 5 logo, banner, post, and MEMEs. So in the end, of course, you will able to design awesome graphics.

Week 3 {FB & IG Page Management}

Social Media is a very important aspect of digital marketing so we teach many hacks related to social media in our class.

Create FB Page & IG Account

Connecting FB & IG


We cover everything from basics like how to create an FB page to, Instagram accounts on how to link both. Organic ways to grow your page and followers and many more cool things.

Week 4 {Search Engine Optimization}

Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of digital marketing & Many things SEO is a free way of getting traffic we bust that myth and many other misconceptions related to SEO & digital marketing.

Here is what we exactly learn in our SEO

Basic Terms

Keyword research

On-page & Off-page

Black & White Hat

SEO Tools

Competitor analysis

We start with basic terms that you need to know before learning SEO then we slowly go into depth.

Week 5 {Blogging}

Once you know web designing graphic designing & SEO we start blogging.
In blogging, we go into detail about how to select a niche how to book a domain how to connect it with hosting, and how to write blog posts.

Here is what we exactly learn in Blogging

Selecting a niche

Micro niche

Setup your website

Getting traffic

Adsense approval

If you want to start your blog in future this module of digital marketing course will give you very detailed knowledge of how to start blogging.


This is one of my favorite topics in which I shoot a video for our Kalam Academy YouTube channel in class that gives students exposure about different instruments and a live session about how to record video.
Then I edit video in front of my students after clarifying the basics of video editing.

Here is what we will exactly learn in video productions and editing

Slideshow video

Voice over video

Videos Recording Basics Equipments {Camera light mic stands}

Working With Green screen

Noise reduction| Text OverLay}

This is not something that you can use for making movies not enough for YouTube.

Week 7 {FB Ads}

FB Ads are one of the biggest and complex topics but I start it with a very simple thing like how to research the audience how to design creative, Ad copywriting and similar things.
Here is what we exactly learn in FB Ads Class

Audience research

Ad mockup

FB pixel

Lead generation

Custom conversion

Custom and Lookalike Audience

Pixel Jacking

We share many hacks and tricks that will surely help you to start run scale your FB Ad campaigns.

Week 8 {YouTube Channel Management}

This is again one of my favorite topics and we teach it practically.

We first start with creating YouTube Channel then we upload video edited in video editing class and we then learn designing thumbnails.

Here is what we will exactly learn in YouTube Channel Management

Creating a YouTube Channel

Logo & Album Art


Monetization Methods

We cover each and everything you need to know to start to grow and manage your YouTube Channel.

Week 9 {Case Studies & Growth Hacking}

This is one of the most important parts because we discuss many marketing case studies that will enhance your marketing skills and will help you a lot in your interview/job/business or clients.

Here is what we will exactly learn

Case Studies

Growth Hacking

These sessions will enhance how you think of marketing for sure.

Week 10 {Email Marketing & Automation}

Email is started just a few years after internet birth and it will last till the internet is alive.

So we cover each and every aspect of email marketing in our email marketing class.

Here is what you will exactly learn in digital marketing

Email Marketing Tools

Email Automation

You can build a machine with email marketing in which you will put potatoes at one end and will give you gold at other.

Vikash Mishra

Week 11 {Google Ads}

Google ads are very important. Many think it is expansive and leave it but we show the exact technique that will surely help you to reduce your marketing costs.

Here is what you exactly learn in google ads.

Broad and Exact match keywords

Keyword Selection

YouTube Ads

Search ads

Ads on the partner website

We give an assignment in which you need to create mock ad campaigns that give practical exposure of how google ad works.

Week 12 {Certifications}

Last week is for certification and we host a little party for students before the farewell.

Google Digital Unlocked

FB Blueprint

Kalam Academy

{3 Certificate}

This was all about what you will learn in Kalam Academy Digital Marketing Course.

It is super detailed, isn’t it?

I know still, you can have many doubts I will clear many general questions now

General Questions About Digital Marketing Course

Here are some questions that many students asked me about digital marketing course.

Q> What is the eligibility for the digital marketing course?

A> Anyone who wants to learn digital marketing in Ranchi can join No matter if you are a
✅ School student
✅ Working professional
✅ Businessman
✅ Married Woman

Q> What is the duration of course?

A> Course is of 3 Months / Summer Training is of 6 Weeks, Weekend batch takes up to 4 months.

Q> What certificates I will get?

A> You will get certified from Google Facebook and you will get a Diploma Certificate from Kalam Academy

Q> Do You have a placement option?

A> Yes we do have placement option but most of our students start their own work.

Q> How Many Students you enroll in a batch?

A> For now, we are enrolling only 5-10 students in a batch so that we can focus on each and every student.

Q> Will Your Course help me in my business?

A> Yes it definitely will. We discuss many case studies in our class which will help you to design offers for your business and grow your business.

Q> What if I am unable to attend some of your lectures?

A> You can join any other batch to clarify that topic.

Q> When Next Batch is Starting?

A> We start a new batch every month.

Q> Where is your center in Ranchi?

A> We have a center in Rospa Tower Main Road (4th floor) Ranchi.

Q> Can I Pay Fees For Digital Marketing Course In Installments?

A> Yes you can pay the course fee in up to 2 installments.

I hope I have clarified many of your questions if you still have some confusion you can reach us on +91-6207336455/ +91-9525395169
Or you can register us at kalamacademy.org our digital marketing counselor will call you and help you to decide

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